Carmina Mendez

Licensed CX Coach

Bilingual in English and Spanish

About Carmina Mendez

Over 20 years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry as co-owner of AMC Countertops, a family business specializing in the manufacturing and installation of custom stone countertops.

As the leader of the sales, marketing and customer service teams, Carmina’s consistent focus on the importance of relationships and prioritizing customer satisfaction has been key in the growth and success of the business, and the continuous personal improvement of employees.

As an entrepreneur, Carmina believes in leading employees to success though the development of customer-focused attitude and actions. Her pursuit for excellence is the driving factor behind the passion to be part of the Customer Service Revolution and coach organizations to reach their full potential by providing World-Class customer experience and become the brand that customers cannot live without.

Carmina and husband Axel enjoy spending time with their three daughters and four grandchildren, cooking gourmet meals together, traveling and food.


Coaching Region(s)

  • US – Northeast
  • US – Southeast
  • US – Midwest
  • US – Southwest

Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Automotive
  • Banking/Real Estate
  • Building/Construction
  • Coaching/Business
  • Consulting
  • Customer Support
  • Education/Training
  • Engineering
  • Food
  • Services/Hospitality
  • Human
  • Resources/Training/Dev.
  • Installation/Maintenance

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