Methodology Model

CX Coaches use the proven methodology developed by The DiJulius Group, the world’s leading authority on customer and employee experience.

From years of studying and working with world-class customer service organizations, we have found there are principles they all have in common that differentiate them from other organizations and elevates them to a different customer service level. This methodology is irrefutable.

Immersion Session

This is where your company starts to build a culture that is obsessed with providing an experience to their customers and employees. Understanding in detail your CX journey, methodology, each quarterly session, developing your CX KPI’s (key performance indicators), the roles of the leadership team, CX project lead, and steering committee. Reviewing your Company Service Aptitude Test (C-SAT™) results, reducing your negative cues, creating a simple list of non-negotiable standards that every team member will learn and follow and finally learning how to hold your weekly CX Meeting.

Customer Service Vision Statement Session

Your customer service vision statement is the most critical part in your employees being fanatical about providing a positive experience on every interaction. It is an action statement—a clear call to action of what each employee should intentionally achieve every time they interact with a customer. You will also develop a day in the life of your customer story, so your employees see it from your customer’s perspective, which will make them more present, and have more compassion and empathy.

Relationship Building Session

Utilizing customer intelligence to personalize their experience and engage and anticipate their needs. Create systems that easily enable front-line employees to personalize the customer’s experience by engaging them and anticipating and delivering on their needs. Having great standards is not enough, you now need to systematize those standards in order for them to be realistically delivered on a consistent basis.

Customer Experience Cycle Session

Systems and processes that remove variation and provide a consistent world-class customer experience at every touch point by every employee. Create nonnegotiable experiential standards for each stage of the organization’s customer experience cycle. These experiential standards allow employees to provide a consistent engaging experience that is unlike the majority of competitors. Employees must consistently execute each of these standards.

Zero Risk Session

Anticipating your service defects and having protocols in place to make it right. All employees must have full awareness of the potential common service defects that can arise at each stage of the customer experience cycle and be trained and empowered to provide great service recovery when defects arise, so your company is known to be zero risk to deal with.

World-Class Leadership Session

Attract, hire, and retain only the people who have the service DNA. Creating a world-class internal culture that only attracts, hires, and retains the people who are capable of upholding the service vision of the organization. Walking the talk. Every world-class customer service organization is world-class to work for. It takes world-class leadership to provide the passion, inspiration, and discipline to all employees.

World-Class Internal Culture Session

Creating an internal world-class experience between team members and departments. Building interdepartmental teamwork, through a better understanding of who their customers are internally and how the work they do impacts everyone else in the organization. Building more compassion & empathy internally.

Above and Beyond Culture Session

Constant awareness and branding of how to be a hero. Create an awareness of the most common opportunities where employees can really deliver heroic service for the customer that creates an above and beyond culture and develop systems to share the stories.

Annual Strategic Planning Session

Once a year your CX Coach will have an Annual Strategic Planning session where you recap the past year, project success, victories, milestones, opportunities, KPI assessment, and plan the following year’s objectives, outcome, and define what success vividly looks like.

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