Ways to Prevent Top Talent from Walking 

Recent LinkedIn studies show that more than half of the workforce is open to exploring new employment opportunities. That means there is a good chance you have people right now who are assessing their options.

It’s addition by subtraction for some, you may think, but not your A Players.

Not your Game Changers. Eighty percent of profits are typically generated by twenty percent of people.

If you have experienced losing top talent, you understand how costly it can be. And unfortunately, it may have been preventable.

So, you must ask yourself: Do you take your top people for granted?

The best way to get in front of this is to embrace it, putting proactive measures in place that show employees you are still their best option.

Existing employees want to feel engaged, connected, and appreciated; many need to be continuously recruited.

They need to confirm that you are their best fit.

How strong are the existing relationships between management and their direct reports?

How healthy are the relationships between co-workers?

What do they like, dislike, and where do they need support in their job?

No one saw this existing environment coming, and most leaders are doing their best with what they have, so putting pride aside, opening themselves up to vulnerability and transparency with employees, and appreciating honest feedback may help keep that next employee from leaving.

Below are three areas to consider to keep your top people from walking.

Reconnect – Reestablish the relationships and learn more about their wants and desires.

Re-Onboard – Are clear expectations set for them to be successful? Have they been communicated?

Renew Trust – Are you and your managers doing everything you said you would do when the employees started their tenure? What opportunity exists for them to get where they want and has there been clear communication on what that path may look like?

Consider implementing these strategies and reaffirm employees’ commitment to your business.

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