Brad Dick

Licensed CX Coach

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

About Brad Dick

Brad brings over two decades of leadership, passion, and even an obsession for providing meaningful and personalized customer experiences from the IT Industry. Since college, working in the IT industry, he quickly realized that empathizing, prioritizing clear honest communication, and his customer-centric service mentality would make him stand out amongst his peers in an otherwise often cold and impersonal industry. His obsession with delivering the highest level of customer service led him to many leadership role opportunities, most recently as the VP of Operations for a software company serving medical clinics across Canada.

As VP of Operations and a Director of Support Services, Brad has experienced and dealt with the challenges that small to medium-sized businesses face in today’s fast-changing and demanding service industry. He brings a very real understanding that every dollar of investment needs to show a significant return. “Through all the years of leading service teams and companies, no investment ever had a greater return than investing in our customer’s experience and the culture of service. At its peak, our referred-in sales were over 78% of all annual sales leads and nothing will positively affect the morale and culture of a company more than a leadership team focused on delivering outstanding customer service.” Brad has been a student and was made into a believer in the Methodologies of The DiJulius Group since 2008.

Now Certified and Licensed as a CX Coach by TDG he is following his passion for teaching and leading other companies to Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences through his new company, Service Obsessions. Brad is the first and only CX Certified Coach in Canada and is excited to lead the implementation of these processes and the overall culture shift with small and medium-sized companies across the country. “This is a game-changer for any company. Through CX coaching and Service Obsessions I am driven by changing the way companies feel, both internally as an organization of people working together and how their customers and clients experience the encounters with these companies. I can’t imagine doing anything more rewarding”


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