Ron Kelly

Ron Kelly

Licensed CX Coach

About Ron Kelly

Ronald A. Kelly is originally from Lansing, MI, but has lived the majority of his adult life in the Chicago area.  He attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI and earned a bachelor of science degree in Chemical Engineering.  Ron preferred to work with people rather than designing processes at a drawing board, so he entered engineering sales.  He spent a 37 year career selling large, technical process rotating equipment, with minor forays into biotechnology and pharmaceutical equipment.  Sales engineers educate design consulting engineers and end user clients on their field of specialization.  Ron was the top sales engineer for a number of large international corporations.  He was promoted into Sales Management with a number of them.  He was responsible for teams as large as 53 employees and sales exceeding $200 million per year.  Ron was hand selected by an ex-manager to start a national sales force for a biotech company.  He was hand selected by a CEO, ex-client and friend to be a sales officer and help open a small technical company into a number of new markets which they did successfully.  Ron retired from engineering sales in 2018.  Ron had been a customer advocate for 37 years.  He traveled extensively to help customers improve their productivity and understanding of process equipment.  He stood shoulder-to-shoulder with many customers while “putting out fires” and solving issues.

In 2008, Ron became a student of “customer experience” and “customer service” after reading John DiJulius’ “What’s The Secret? – To Delivering a World-Class Customer Experience”.  The exposure to that book helped Ron explain many concepts that he had been practicing and attempting to teach in his sales management life.  The idea that the customer experience was just as important, if not more so, than the product or service was an eye opener and life changer.  Ron applied for a spot and earned one in the first class of ten certified “Secret Service Agents” with The DiJulius Group.  These certified agents were taught how to conduct and use one of the most powerful tools created by The DiJulius Group for use with their consulting clients.  Ron has attended all of The DiJulius Group’s “Summits” and “Revolutions”, with the exception of one.  Ron completed The DiJulius Group’s Executive Customer Experience course in January of 2019.  He is now a certified and licensed customer experience coach working from the Chicago area.

Ron continues to live in the greater Chicago area with his wife Deb and their two Airedale Terriers.  When weather permits, he can be found on a golf course somewhere in the area.  He is a huge fan of music and has a large collection of various genres.  The Kellys stay active and enjoy family, travel and sports.

Ron Kelly believes that you should wear out your mind and your body equally to stay in balance.  He is passionate about customer experience and customer service and is enjoying helping others get better in these areas.  He says, “If I can travel to educate someone on a process centrifuge, then I can travel to help someone get better in the much more important areas of customer experience.”  Ron now goes by “The Traveling CXO”.

Phone:  (847)997-7278


Coaching Region(s)

  • US – Northeast
  • US – Southeast
  • US – Midwest
  • US – Southwest

Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Automotive
  • Banking/Real Estate
  • Building/Construction
  • Coaching/Business
  • Consulting
  • Customer Support
  • Education/Training
  • Engineering
  • Food
  • Services/Hospitality
  • Human
  • Resources/Training/Dev.
  • Installation/Maintenance

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